Economy, People & Planet 2014

– Towards a New Economic Paradigm

Conference 13-14 September – Copenhagen, Denmark

EPP2014 took place 13-14 September 2014. Watch outputs from the conference here.
The global economic system is out of tune with the limits of a finite world. Our natural heritage is under pressure, our social cohesion is faltering, and as individuals we are not given space to unfold our full potential. With an economy focussing on ever-increasing growth, the environmental and social catastrophes are quickly growing in numbers and scale – many of which are already irreversible. In this light, we must ask ourselves some fundamental questions:
  • How can we change our understanding of the world from focussing on a narrow quantitative measure of economic progress to cover various qualitative dimensions?
How can we change the mental separation between humans and nature that is so deeply rooted in our institutions and our understanding of ourselves?
  • How do we really want to live and work in this much-needed new economic paradigm, and how do we create a sustainable path for our society?
To address some of these questions, Transition Now has arranged a two-day international conference: ‘Economy, People and Planet 2014 – Towards a New Economic Paradigm’. The conference is trans-disciplinary and targeted students from various backgrounds with an interest in sustainable development, however, non-students are more than welcome. At the conference we will discuss and work with the new ways of thinking ‘economy’, and how we can create a more sustainable route for society. The participants will be introduced to different alternatives to the present economic reality and hopefully leave the conference inspired and empowered.
The keynote speakers at the conference are: Ben Dyson, Charles Eisenstein, Kate Power, Anna Coote, Rob Hopkins and Tina Sig Olesen. The speakers will also participate in the ‘Solution Labs’, where the participants will discuss and work with ideas for ‘a new economy’.
The keynote speakers and the Solution Labs will cover the following themes:
EPP 2014 is a two-day conference arranged by the Danish network organisation Transition Now. The main goal of the conference is to qualify the economic thinking and discourse in the light of the current sustainability challenges.

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Keynote Speakers

Ole Bjerg

Chair – CBS

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