Debate cafés

Once a month Transition Now hosts a debate café where the different aspects of the transition are on the agenda. The topics so far have spanned from macroeconomics and international climate negotiations to sociological and psychological aspects of the transition as well as concrete suggestions on how to make a change in your daily life. The debate cafés take place the last Wednesday of each month in Copenhagen.

The transition is not just about changing some policies or about the everyday choices of the individual. It is not enough to decide to recycle your bottles or separate your waste if the structures are not in place to process the material. All areas need to be included – the outer as well as the inner transition, the individual as well as the communal transition. In Transition Now we attempt to cover as many different aspects of the transition as possible. By embracing all perspectives we can push the transition forwards.

NOTE: Most cafés are held in Danish.

Upcoming cafés

The cafés are currently on a winter break, but we are back the last Wednesday of January with a new topic. Keep an eye on this page or follow us on facebook.

Previous cafés

Some of the topics we have covered so far are (links to pages in Danish):

If you want more information about the cafés or if you have an idea for a topic we can treat at a future cafe we are happy to hear from you. Likewise, if you have a topic you would like to present yourself, you are very welcome to get in touch with us. We are looking forwards to hearing from you!

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Thomas Hebo Larsen