As a citizen with high concerns for the climate and environment you may ask yourself: What can I do to promote a more sustainable development?
Actually there are plenty of opportunities to do something to reduce your personal CO2-footprint and ecological footprint significantly. Much of our greenhouse gas emissions and our impact on the natural resources come from our consumption, transportation and choice of living. Hence, changing our consumption patterns and habits can lead to relative large reductions in our negative impact on the environment.
Through your lifestyle and choices as a consumer and a citizen, you can influence your surroundings, your friends and you close family, but also give incentives to the stores about changing their product range, and put pressure on political decision-makers concerning the needs for regulations and policy initiatives. For instance, by choosing the bicycle instead of the car, the train instead of the plane, the second hand sofa instead of the newest IKEA-model or the vegetable instead of the beef, you raise the standards of consumption and encourage others to do the same.

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Thomas L. Sidelmann