February 23, 2013 the Danish green think tank CONCITO and the newspaper Dagbladet Information hosted a seminar for 50 young people interested in the many challenges that surrounds our society today: climate change, resource scarcity, environmental degradation, financial crisis, economic crisis, unemployment and social unrest. At the seminar the participants had the chance to analyse the situation in depth and come up with creative, innovative, pragmatic and radical ideas. After the seminar the participants have continued their cooperation and created the network Transition Now, which today is an independent entity.
Apart from the creation of the network, the seminar resulted in an appeal addressed at the Danish government and the Danish parliamentarians – an appeal encouraging the recognition of the need for a fundamental change of system and inviting for further public debate concerning the vision for our future society.
In the appeal to the politicians we express our deep concern about future of nature and society. The appeal is most importantly the beginning of a process of creative and innovative solutions that are to lead the way forward. We wish to bring inspiration about the transition to a sustainable society – both an economic, social, ethical and environmental terms. The appeal has been handed personally to the Head of Parliament in Denmark, Mogens Lykketoft, and the Danish EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard.
Video clip from the seminar February 23, 2013.
 Video clip from delivering the appeal to Head of Parliament, Mogens Lykketoft (without subtitles).
Since the spring of 2013 the network has continued to grow and we are now more than 100 people with many different backgrounds, belonging to the generation that is to take over the society of today and shape the society of tomorrow, securing a future for the next generation.
We are full of hope, solid insight and a strong commitment as our common ground. And we are willing to take responsibility. But we are also deeply concerned that the interconnectedness of the crises are not fully recognised by the current political decision-makers. The politics seems to be handling challenges of today with yesterday’s answers. Therefore, we continue to work for the transition. Do you want to join us?
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