Our vision for ‘The Sustainable Society’

A society that has equity and the community in its core, and where ensuring the individual’s life quality, wellbeing, freedom, health, lifelong learning, spiritual expression and the opportunity for democratic influence are the fundamental goal of the community. A society that creates and engages both the individual and the community in a conscious, cultural and qualitative development. A society with time to be together and with space for the strengthening of social relations, and that ensures mentally healthy and spirited individuals. A society, where children can express themselves creatively and slowly become aware of the world they grow up in – supported by and taken care of by their close relatives. Likewise, a society, where elders can pass on and be respected for the knowledge and experience, and where there is space for them to – later on – be taken care of by their close relatives.

A society, where work is shared equitably among its citizens with point of departure in their qualities, talents and abilities, and where work at the same time forms part of their personal education. A society, where the qualitative development and the more fundamental human needs are determining what material things are being produced and what technologies we seek to develop. Where the economy is a tool to carry this out. A society that operates on local and regional level, but has a global consciousness, and where knowledge is exchanged within and between the different levels. A society, where entrepreneurship, idea generation and creativity are strengthened through the basic human desire to have a positive impact on the world they live in, to accomplish recognition and which therefore does not have to be nourished by economic competition, compensation and gains.

A society, where a monetary system is only a simple strategic tool to distribute and exchange goods and services between people, and where qualitative growth and recirculation of all resources is the goal. A system that basically rests in itself, and where the economy always serves society, not vice versa. A society, where systems innovation is prioritised on equal terms as technological innovation, and ultimately ensures that both technological and biological resources are circulated in natural and industrial circuits. That we mimic, imitate and get inspired by nature, and where the production of material goods, foodstuffs, transport and communication therefore also is based on renewable energy resources – derived from the free energy from the sun or from the earth’s core.

A society that is in harmony and symbiosis with the other living species of the earth, and that relies on a fundamental respect for our common natural base. The human use of the free resources of the earth, as well as our nutrient uptake of water, animals and earth, therefore has to be in complete balance with the possibility of the ecosystems to regenerate, and at the same time recognise the planetary boundaries. The human interaction with the rest of nature must always be based on the fact that we seek to leave a place in a better condition that we received it, and that we conserve and respect that places that need peace. We have to give equitable space to other species, and ensure the same or better living conditions for future generations – not only for human beings, but for all living.

Transition Now’s vision for ‘The Sustainable Society’ is developed by common thoughts and the interchange of ideas. The process started with a workshop of visions at a network seminar in February 2014, where all participants had the opportunity to bring individual inputs about their understanding of sustainable development and vision for a sustainable society. Since then, all inputs have been discussed and merged into a common description. The vision was officially approved by the members of Transition Now at the general assembly in April 2014.