Copenhagen, 1-2 October 2016

Photos from EPP2016

Economy, People and Planet 2016 is a two day conference in which we wish to engage students and professionals alike in the dialogue of developing the solutions for a sustainable economy.
Through presentations from prominent international keynote speakers and a number of  workshops we will explore the topics of biomimicry, work-life balance, sustainable urban development and basic income. Further, we will show some of the most prominent transition initiatives in Denmark – the so-called Torchbearers who are leading the way to the transition.
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Videos from EPP2016

Keynote Speakers

Basic Income UK co-ordinator.
Speaker on the topic Basic income
Emerita Professor of Politics at the University of Huddersfield.
Speaker on the topic Work-life balance
Partner at SLA.
Speaker on the topic Sustainable Urban Development
Environmental Engineer and Biomimicry Associate.
Speaker on the topic Biomimicry
Senior Researcher at the Schumacher Institute
Inspirational Speaker
PhD in Sociology and Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School.
Opening speaker.