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Use less water

Turn off the water when you are not using it and use water saving taps and showerheads. Every time you let the water run, safe drinking water goes to waste, so make sure you turn off the water for instance when you brush your teeth. By installing special airing mixers you can reduce your water consumption up to 50%, without feeling a difference due to the tiny rays and air bubbles.

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Use the shower instead of the bathing tub

For an average tub bath you use approx. 80 litres of water, while you only use half in the shower. This will amount to several hundred litres of water over a month. 

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Shorten your shower

You can save even more by shortening your showers. Keep it to 3-4 minutes to save water, energy, money and resources. Turn off the water when you soap and take time with an hourglass on the wall – this also makes it fun for kids to race against time.

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Replace your old toilet

If your toilet is running, make sure to repair it as soon as possible. You can also replace an old toilet with a new water saving version.

Place a filled plastic bottle in the cistern

About a third of the drinking that runs through an average household goes through the toilet. This is a huge waste of a precious resource. To combat waste of water you can place a brick or a plastic bottle filled with water in the cistern, so it gets full with less water.

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Water your plants with rainwater

Instead of serving your plants treated drinking water from the tap you can save water by collecting rainwater from the roof. 

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Get a rainwater barrel

A fast and easy way of reducing the pressure on the drain and take advantage of the rainwater is by getting a barrel for rainwater and placing it below your drainpipes. A barrel can contain around 200 litres of water, and if it gets full the water will automatically run to the drains. In the case of torrential rains, a single barrel will not last long, but several barrels in the neighbourhood can definitely make a difference. Rainwater can be used for irrigating your plants washing your car and other similar purposes.

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Share your knowledge

The Green Miss Manners is a work-in-progress. Do you have a good advice or practical tip for transition in your everyday life, you are very welcome to share it with us. You can send your advice to the editors, and we will make sure that your advice will be shared with the world.

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