[title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”single” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]Project groups[/title][two_third last=”no” spacing=”yes” background_color=”” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” background_position=”left top” border_size=”0px” border_color=”” border_style=”” padding=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]Transition Now is a project platform where people can develop their own projects working for the transition of society to a sustainable future. The projects can span from art projects, seminars, lectures, publications, study groups, debate events etc.

In the daily work the project groups are self-organised and:

  • Are responsible for fundraising, communication and internal recruitment according to the specific project
  • Manage their own project-space at Podio
  • Keep the secretariat and the rest of the network updated on their work and progress

If one of the following projects has your interest, you are more than welcome to get in touch with the contact person and talk about how you can become part of the group.[/fusion_text][/two_third][one_third last=”yes” spacing=”yes” background_color=”#a1d100″ background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” background_position=”left top” border_size=”15px” border_color=”#a1d100″ border_style=”solid” padding=”10px” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]


Bring your idea

Do you have an idea for a project and need some support and feedback, feel free to contact our network coordinator Inge-Merete Hougaard via email: inge-merete@omstilling.nu.

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 Some of the current projects in Transition Now: 

[/fusion_text][accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Debate Cafés” open=”no”]
Once a month Transition Now organises a debate café where the different aspects of the transition are on the agenda. The topics so far have spanned from macroeconomics and international climate negotiations to sociological and psychological aspects of the transition as well as concrete suggestions on how to make a change in your daily life. The debate cafes take place the last Wednesday of each month in Copenhagen.

For more information, click here.

Contact person

Karina H.B. Jensen karina@omstilling.nu

[/toggle][toggle title=”Economy, People & Planet 2015″ open=”no”]

In 2014 Transition Now held its first international economics conference, named Economy, People & Planet – Towards a New Economic Paradigm. In the autumn of 2015 we will organise and international conference again, putting different aspects of the transition of the economy on the agenda.

Watch video clips and read more about last year´s conference here.

Contact person

Lisa Bay lisa@omstilling.nu

[/toggle][toggle title=”Folkemødet 2015″ open=”no”]
Like the two formers years, Transition Now will again be present at the ‘festival of politics’ Folkemødet at Bornholm. We will participate in debates, activities and in other ways put the transition on the agenda.
Contact person

Dianna Guyard dianna@omstilling.nu

[/toggle][toggle title=”International cooperation” open=”no”]

This project aim to create contacts and network with organisations and movements in other countries with the same goals and visions as Transition Now. As part of our international work we have translated the appeal developed in February 2013 to English and we will share the analysis and suggestions with other organisations to create an international debate about the great transition. The appeal analyses the current economic, political, environmental and social challenges and suggests alternative and innovative solutions.

Due to its direct political approach, the dissemination of the English version of appeal will first of all be aimed at the European civil society, in hope to create a broader European movement with concrete political action for the European Union. Nevertheless, the transition to a sustainable future society is a global challenge and the aim is to reach out and build alliances across the globe.

You can find the English translation of our Appeal here.

Contact person

Inge-Merete Hougaard inge-merete@omstilling.nu

[/toggle][toggle title=”The Green Miss Manners” open=”no”]

Transition Now presents: The Green Miss Manners – Your guide to personal transition in your every day life. If your have a good trick to include in the list, please feel free to contact us.

You can find the Green Miss Manners here.

Contact person

Thomas L. Sidelmann thomas@omstilling.nu

[/toggle][toggle title=”Ansvarlig Fremtid (Danish Divestment Campaign)” open=”no”]

Ansvarlig Fremtid Ansvarlig Fremtid (Responsible Future) is the Danish divestment campaign that encourages the Danish pension funds divest from fossil fuels investments.

Transition Now works together with Ansvarlig Fremtid to support its campaign.

Follow Ansvarlig Fremtid on facebook and read more on their website.

Contact person

Thomas Meinert Larsen tml@life.ku.dk

[/toggle][toggle title=”Sustain Festival Copenhagen” open=”no”]

Sustain Festival Copenhagen is the first sustainability festival in Copenhagen. The aim of the festival is to create a platform to educate, inspire and engage citizens and business to actively participate in holistic solutions to secure a sustainable future in Denmark. The festival is the result of the cooperation of a number of leading businesses, organisations and individuals, who proudly participate in the largest events in Copenhagen within sustainability. In three days the activities range from conferences, workshops and debates to experiences in the area of urban living, films, food, design, art, installations and live performances.

Transition Now works together with Sustain Festival Copenhagen to support its activities.

Follow Sustain Festival Copenhagen on facebook and visit their website.

Contact person

Astrid Kjær Knudsen astrid@sustainfestivalcph.dk

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Some of the previous projects in Transition Now:

[/fusion_text][accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Sharing Copenhagen – Visions Festival” open=”no”]

In 2014 Copenhagen was nominated as European Green Capital, and as part of the many activities taking place throughout the year, Transition Now got the chance to participate with our own Vision Festival. The Festival took place May 2-4 2014 in Valby.

The festival revolved around three topics:

  • Friday: Energy and transport.
  • Saturday: Circular economy.
  • Sunday: Transition for the mind, body and soul.
Contact person

Andreas Hansen andreas.hansen@omstilling.nu

[/toggle][toggle title=”Visions of Transition” open=”no”]

We are spending a lot of time talking about challenges and crises and we easily loose track by focussing on the details of how to solve them. However, it is not enough to focus on the problems we want to get away from – we also need to think about what it is we want instead: What is our vision for the future? What is our vision for the world we would like to take part of – and give to our children and grandchildren? Where do we want to go? How does our everyday life look like at the other side of the crises? How is it to live in a sustainable and flourishing society?

This project creates a platform for a number of workshops for visions for the transition, where the participants can development their own version of the future after the transition. The workshop takes shape of a mental dream travel to the future guided by the workshop facilitator. After the dream travel the participants share their dreams and visions with each other and in smaller groups they develop common ideas.

For more information click here.

Contact person

Andreas Lloyd andreas.lloyd@omstilling.nu

[/toggle][toggle title=”Economy, People & Planet 2014″ open=”no”]
In the autumn 2014 Transition Now hosted our first international economics conference titled: Economy, People & Planet – Towards a New Economic Paradigm. The aim of the conference was to qualify the debate about economics – that economics is not an exact science and that it is too a large extent influenced by values and choices. The conference revolved around the five topics:

  • Regenerating the financial sector and the monetary system
  • Measuring progress and sustainable development
  • Creating sustainable production and consumption systems
  • Modelling holistic labour systems
  • Connecting the city with land and sea

Within each topic an international expert participated as keynote speaker, and the presentations were followed b solutions-oriented workshops.

You can read more about the conference here.

Contact person

Lisa Bay lisa@omstilling.nu